• What does SinePulse Smart Home Technology/Solution do?

    The Smart Home market is based on "home automation" and covers four distinct areas: energy efficiency, comfort, security and health. SinePulse Smart Home Technology mainly focuses not only on the most important two - energy efficiency and security but also on comfort as well.

    Imagine a single remote controller (or even your smart phone!) which can control more than just your TV! What if you could use it to dim the lights, lock the doors, turn on the heater, and ring the alarm? What if you could do all these things from any room in your house—or anywhere in the world? Imagine living in a home that obeys your every command where virtually every device can be remotely controlled, and virtually every system can be fully automated! SinePulse Smart Home gives you this power to customize your home—and live your life—in ways you've never dreamed before. Thus SinePulse Smart Home solutions will make your life more comfortable, more efficient, and more secure with the following mind blowing features:

    Smart Lighting: Whether you want the perfect ambiance in every room, one-touch control, or just an effortless way to save energy, SinePulse Smart Home has the simple solution: total control over every light in the house—from across the room or across the globe.

    • » Have the lights in the house turn on automatically to welcome you home
    • » Turn off all the lights with a single touch except for the kids' nightlight
    • » Program the lights to shut off automatically when a room is unoccupied

    The Benefits are:

    One System Does It All: A smart home should reduce the complexity in your life, not increase it. We can design your smart home so that lighting, A/C, security and other home automation systems all run off the lighting control system, with a single interface to control everything. Nothing could be simpler. Forget multiple remote controls, wall panels and instruction manuals! As certified partners with the main brands of lighting control, we can give you a system that is only limited by your imagination.

    Energy Managements: A smart lighting control system will save electricity and save your money. It can dimm or adjust your room light and temparature to allow ambient condition automatically that will significantly reduce your energy consumption. Our lighting control systems also ensure that every light in your home is operating at the optimal level for both illumination effectiveness and energy efficiency.

    Security: Our smart lighting control systems can be programmed with an 'away from home' mode that will give your home a lived-in look while you're not there by replicating the lighting changes.

    We can even design the system to work with your existing (and familiar) technology – for example you can activate the 'Welcome Home' setting from your phone on your way home, a simple and elegant solution that makes coming home a real pleasure.

    Energy Management System: SinePulse Smart Home along with SinePulse Smart Meter enable homeowners to monitor and reduce energy consumption without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

    From central control panel (iPad/Tab) consumers or facility manager can get real time information on electricity use and cost. You can monitor each and every aspect of electricity usage, from appliances to heating and lighting, and view your entire electricity usage or production at home or remotely. Moreover, consumers can reduce energy bill by shifting their electricity use from peak load periods to off-peak load periods—in a way that fits with their lifestyle or needs.

    Security: If you want to know what's happening at home when you're away on business or just want to see who's at the front door – a little peace of mind can go a long way. That's why SinePulse Smart Home incorporates many of your home's systems, from lights to locks, to make your home more secure, even when you're not there. You'll also have peace of mind in knowing that your lighting system can actively determine unwanted visitors by detecting movement at night. Our custom security systems can be integrated with any monitoring company that you choose. We can also provide additional benefits such as time-lapse recording, remote entry access (see Access Control) and more.

    • » Lock every door & bell the alarm
    • » View the video feeds from your security webcams—anytime, anywhere
    • » Receive a text alert in your mobile when the SinePulse Smart Home system senses trouble at home
    • » Assign temporary security codes for deliveries and service workers
    • » Let yourself in when you forget your keys

    Comfort: With SinePulse Smart Home, you can reduce energy consumption without compromising comfort. During summer times, you can set the air-conditioning to switch off automatically when no one is at home. Come winter, a smart fireplace switch can provide additional heating to keep the house cozy even on the coldest of nights. And on the evenings you find yourself late at office, just use your smart phone app to adjust your thermostat levels so the heat doesn't kick on until you're a little closer to home.

    • » Replace your current thermostat with a SinePulse Smart Home wireless thermostat to keep your home at a more energy-efficient temperature while you're out
    • » Program your shades to close during the brightest hours of the day
    • » Use dimmers, timers and occupancy sensors to reduce energy waste

    Access Control: Access control systems are used for monitoring and controlling entry to a specific area or door–way. They can be tied into your security and camera systems to give you ultimate access control for your home or office. With a system like this coming home will always be a pleasure.

    User Interfaces: A variety of intuitive SinePulse Smart Home interfaces let you control your lights, temperature, and much more. Turn your iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, smart phone or PC into a control interface for your house with an easy-to-use app. SinePulseHome app makes it easy to control just about anything in your house from virtually anywhere.

  • What does SinePulse Smart Home Technology/Solution do?

    • » Reduced energy consumption & cost
    • » Better convenience
    • » Feeling of safety
    • » Intelligent devices
    • » Easy to install and maintain
    • » Easy to use
    • » Reliability
    • » Green living
    • » Low cost
    • » Expandable