Smart Home has the wonderful facility to make your life easier and more convenient. Possible benefits are increased energy efficiency and more security. Energy bill goes down when lights are automatically turned off if a person leaves the room. In a Smart Home rooms can be heated or cooled depending on who's there at any given time. Smart Home solution makes it possible to turn off home heater from office if it is forgotten.

Imagine, someone is knocking your door when you are not at home. You will get the live videos in your mobile who is knocking. If you want you can open the digital lock remotely to get him in. If someone enters Smart Home illegally, burglar alarm will start ringing, camera will take snap shot of the criminal and send it to your mobile automatically. When you're at work or on vacation, the smart home solution will alert you informing what's going on in your home. Smart Home security systems can be built to provide a quick help in case of an emergency. Smart Home has the life-saving facilities to support elderly and disabled persons in urgent cases.

In a word, Smart Home solution combines comfort, security, saving facilities and thus overall peace in mind.